2023 Teams entered.

The following teams have indicated that they will be coming in 2023:

Note that we have a maximum of about 20 boats due to logistics. 10 spots will be reserved for Ontario sailors until July 1st and then if not filled they will be open to anyone.

Team nameskippercrewClubtype of boatpaidvolunteer?notes
Team ErraticDave A?BBCCNacra 17yy
Mike Madge?Nacra 17 or Taipany
Kevin SmithSannaWater RatsNacra 500 spin
Team UnstableBeatta?Water RatsFalcon F16
Brian BurrellFx Oney
Jason Lewis?F18y
Jeff WannamakerBQYCF18y
Michael WilliamsonWater RatsF18
Greg JohnstonNSCF18 foiling
RBR 2NSCF18 foiling
Joaquin FayatCodyNSCF18
Team SimrexFrank Neuperger??y
Rod Waterhouse?F18